Whyte & Mackay

Whyte and Mackay

Founded on the Docks of Glasgow in 1844, Whyte and Mackay has remained true to itself
and its founders James Whyte and Charles Mackay’s pioneering spirit for over 170 years.
Today, when the traditional masculine values of pride, integrity and style are often
forfeited in favour of profit, expediency and celebrity, Whyte & Mackay Blended Scotch
Whisky remains the No. 1 choice of Scots, who appreciate its rich, smooth flavour,
achieved by maintaining the time­houred Double Marriage Blending process. A process
that all Scotch whisky distillers did before accountants took over the world.

From Glasgow’s proud shipbuilding traditions, to its achievements in the arts & crafts,
sport and scientific invention, ‘Clyde built’ has long been synonymous with quality and
authenticity. Whyte & Mackay is proud of its Glasgow roots and there famous “double
lion” symbol, with them from the beginning and recognizable the world over, remains the
sign of the very best in blended Scotch whisky. By the late 19th century, James Whyte
and Charles Mackay began to marry the best whiskies of Scotland with the intention of
creating the smoothest and most distinctive blend of Scotch whisky.